At Manly Movers, we prioritize transparency and aim to set clear expectations for our customers. Explore these frequently asked questions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the moving process.

General Questions

We specialize in top-notch moving and storage services. While we currently don’t offer packing services, it’s an area we’re actively developing to enhance our offerings.

For optimal efficiency, leave your items as they are, neatly stacked. Our loading process involves creating “tiers” for stability, starting with solid bases like dressers. Avoid piling everything in one room; it hinders our ability to access certain items as needed. Clearing out spaces like basements and disassembling large items in advance greatly speeds up the

Your home and belongings are our priority. We use floor runners, moving blankets, and careful furniture wrapping to ensure your home and furniture stay in pristine condition. Our extensively trained team handles your possessions with the utmost care.

We elevate standards with a commitment to professionalism. Our background-checked, smoke-free, and uniformed team, along with branded trucks and dedicated training, underscores our commitment to quality and consistency. 

To maintain hygiene standards and protect both your mattress and our equipment from potential contaminants during the move. High-quality mattress bags are provided on moving day.

Absolutely. Our skilled movers efficiently handle furniture disassembly and assembly as part of our comprehensive services.

While recommended, it’s not mandatory. Ensure someone responsible is available to guide movers if you can’t be present.

For safety and liability reasons, passengers are not accommodated in our moving trucks.

The truck fee covers operational costs, including dispatching a fully equipped moving vehicle, fuel, insurance, and labor expenses. Our crew and equipment rely on our truck for transport to your move.

Cancellation with at least 72 hours’ notice is refundable, with a $25 merchant processing fee. Less than 72 hours forfeits the deposit but can be applied to a rescheduled date.

We require 48 hours’ written notice for rescheduling, with the deposit applied to the new date.

Movers take reasonable breaks to maintain peak performance and adhere to safety regulations. Movers usually take a dedicated lunch break after loading or halfway through the day depending on the move. You are not charged while the movers are on lunch break. 

While we appreciate offers, trained crew members must handle the move.

However, disassembling furniture ahead of the move can save time.


Cost varies based on distance, volume, and complexity of move. Contact us today for a free estimate!

No. Our pricing structure is disclosed prior to move. Final price depends on job duration, distance and materials used. We strive to be as accurate in our estimating as possible. 

A 10% deposit secures your booking, refundable with 72 hours’ notice, with a $25 administrative fee.

Travel time covers operational costs from arrival to departure and is standard in the industry.

We include a truck fee based on the move’s kilometer radius, covering all truck operation expenses.



Pack items in boxes for efficient and safe moving.

While not mandatory, lids aid efficiency in stacking boxes.

We can provide boxes for items you haven’t packed, but significant additional packing delays may incur extra charges. Please try and let us know ahead of time if you are running behind on packing. 

Pack liquids in labeled boxes, and consider transporting them in your car for local moves.


Yes, our secure 2500 sq. ft. warehouse is ideal for long-term or interim storage, ensuring belongings remain protected until you need them again. 

Item-Specific Questions

Pack items like toasters and blenders in boxes for efficiency and protection.

Moving live plants comes with risks, and we can’t guarantee their survival. It’s recommended to move them personally, especially in cold weather.

To prevent damage to your furniture and its contents during transit, we recommend removing items from furniture drawers before moving day. Items within drawers can shift and potentially cause harm to both the furniture and the items themselves. Instead, pack these items separately in sturdy boxes, and be sure to label them for easy identification. Clothes and linens are an exception, as they are less likely to cause damage if they shift inside a dresser.

Use large boxes, remove lamp shades, and pack them separately. Provide cushioning
with towels, linen, or pillows.

We typically do not move pool tables; contact specialists for such items. However if you have a specialist disassemble it, we may be able to move the pieces. Please contact us and we will let you know if we can help.

Boxing art is recommended for protection, but we can pad and wrap it. Transporting art is at your own risk.

No, it’s advisable to hire specialists for hot tub moves.

If it’s a full-size freezer, it’s best to empty it; for apartment size, it’s not necessary but be prepared with boxes or a cooler.

We recommend a professional piano mover, and we can provide a local professional at your request.

Ideally, remove the TV before our arrival. In specific cases, we may assist, but we won’t be responsible for potential damages.

Our Staff

Yes, our thorough screening includes background checks, driver abstracts, and reference checks.

Our crew members align with our company values, ensuring professionalism, work ethic, and trustworthiness. 

Our workers are dedicated team members, not sourced from temp agencies. We prioritize training for professionalism and high standards.

Method Of Payment

Tips are appreciated but not expected. There’s no standard amount; tips are evenly distributed among the crew.

A 10% deposit confirms booking, with the remainder due upon completion. For long-distance moves, a 50% deposit may be required in certain situations.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debit, E-Transfer, and sometimes personal checks with prior approval. Cash is accepted, but drivers can’t provide change.

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